The Relevance of Political Science

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Debates about the funding, impact and relevance of political Debates about the funding, impact and relevance of political science in contemporary democracies have made this a vital and hotly contested topic of discussion, and in this original text authors from around the world respond to the challenge. A robust defence is offered of the achievements of political science research, but the book is not overly sanguine given its sustained recognition of the need for improvement in the way that political science is done.

New insights are provided into the general issues raised by relevance, into blockages to relevance, and into the contributions that the different subfields of political science can and do make.

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The book concludes with a new manifesto for relevance that seeks to combine a commitment to rigour with a commitment to engagement. Show More. Show Less. The Relevance of Relevance; John Gerring 3. Relevant to whom? AB - The key issue that any political scientist reflecting on the political relevance of her or his research confronts is the exact relation between the research and value positions.

Political science research and its political relevance B.

Introduction: The Relevance of Political Science

Abstract The key issue that any political scientist reflecting on the political relevance of her or his research confronts is the exact relation between the research and value positions. Keman, J.

Fingerprint political science. Woldendorp Eds. Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications. We also have seen how political science, for most of its history, have refrained from political action and have been content conducting scientific research. When political scientists have pursued knowledge for its own sake, they are partaking in a liberal education where one study a subject primarily apart from utilitarian considerations. Although the scientific findings could be used for civic education, they were discovered not that purpose but to satisfy intellectual curiosity.

The two exceptions to this approach were the post-behavioralists and the Perestroika Movement that wanted to make political action the prominent role for political scientists, valuing civic education over a liberal one. However, the inroads these movements have made within the discipline are minor. Today the discipline is dominated mostly by those who wish to continue to pursue scientific knowledge first and foremost, valuing liberal education in a scientific manner, while a minority reject this approach and favor political action.

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Finally, one of the trends in political science is to adopt the paradigm of SoTL to demonstrate its value to the public. Although there are several benefits to such an approach, there are also drawbacks as whether it will work, the status of non-SoTL research, and the rejection of liberal education.

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It remains to be seen whether SoTL will make political science relevant to the public as a discipline or just be another failed attempt to organize the discipline in a publicly-understandable way. Philosophy, Science, and Political Inquiry. Probably the best contemporary example of behavioralism in political science is the work of Gary King. King Gary. Keohane, and Sidney Verba.

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What is the Significance of Political Science?

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What is Political Theory : Meaning & Definition - Part I

The dominance of behavioralism was such that the discipline created a second flagship journal in , Perspectives on Politics , which is devoted to qualitative analyses and political theory. For more about the dominance of behavioralism in employment and grants in political science, refer to American Political Science Association. Also refer to Levine, Peter. Edwards, Michael ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Making Social Science Matter. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

In this chapter, I adhere to this distinction.

Field Study: Just How Relevant Is Political Science? - The New York Times

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