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For the first time, global development was elevated, on par with diplomacy and defense, as a core pillar of American engagement. Feed the Future has generated significant reductions in poverty and malnutrition, Power Africa has set the stage for the steady flow of private sector investments in an expanding energy sector and our investments in global health have yielded reductions in maternal and child mortality, reductions in malaria incidence and lethality, and the promise of an AIDS-free generation.

Food security and nutrition.

A Progressive Pragmatist Tries to Bend History

In response to the spike in world food prices, President Obama called for a global food security initiative at the London G20 Summit in His continued leadership led to the more than doubling of donor assistance to agricultural development, renewed investments in research, and a commitment, embraced by the United Nations, to invest in the comprehensive country plans designed by developing countries. Global Health. Power Africa. President Obama launched Power Africa in with a goal of doubling access to energy in sub-Saharan Africa.

To do so, Power Africa was built to combine the tools from across U. Power Africa thus not only delivers investments that can yield increased electricity, it also strengthens local capacity, helps foster a strong investment climate, and mitigates risk.

The President Makes a Statement on Foreign Policy

Government, as well as by leveraging the tools and expertise of our bilateral and multilateral partners, including the African Development Bank, the World Bank Group, and the Governments of Sweden, the European Union, the UK, Norway and Canada, and more than private-sector partners.

Additional achievements include:. In February , President Obama signed the bipartisan Electrify Africa Act of into law, which codifies the Power Africa approach and ensures this work will extend well beyond this Administration. Changing the Way We Do Business.

In the face of extraordinary global challenges, the Obama Administration has reshaped the U. Across these initiatives and more broadly, the Obama Administration has acted on our recognition that sustainable development outcomes require multiple streams of financing, including domestic resources, private capital and assistance. In , we launched the ForeignAssistance.

MCC has developed a state of the art capacity to conduct impact evaluations, and USAID, operationalizing its rigorous Evaluation Policy , has increased the number and quality of evaluations to over per year, all of which are published online.

Obama’s Flawed Foreign Policy : Democracy Journal

The U. Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade. Washington: U. Retrieved November 14, , from ProQuest Congressional. Foreign Policy.

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How America Changed During Barack Obama’s Presidency

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