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Michael in January Both voyages show a J.

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Looking at these records shows how important seafaring has been to the United States since its beginning; the impressment of American sailors by the British and the part this played in the War of ; the involvement of the U. Do you have ancestors from Massachusetts? The next time you visit the library, search or browse these records to get a feel for what life was like many lifetimes ago!

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    August is Family Fun Month! The library can help you experience some family time together with our read-along collection, which includes a book and CD to listen to. We will re-open at our regular business hours on Tuesday, Sept.

    Virginia Tribes Celebrate Federal Recognition

    James Horn, director of the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, has written " Jamestown and the Forging of American Democracy," shedding light on these seminal events in the history of early America. National Aviation Week commemorates the achievements that have taken humankind into the great blue yonder! Orville Wright made the first flight for 12 seconds and feet just south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, While the Wright Brothers were not the first to build and fly experimental aircraft, they are recognized as the first Aviation history is full of exciting accomplishments, adventure, and daring heroism.

    Religion in Early Virginia Indian Society

    A recent post from the Legal Genealogist aka Judy G. The records may also include information on those who died, including burial information. Areas outside Germany were also recorded. The majority of the immigrants listed in this collection are displaced persons - Holocaust survivors, former concentration camp inmates and Nazi forced laborers, as well as refugees from Central and Eastern European countries and some non-European countries.

    Explore beauty on the margins, comedy with an edge, dramatic morality plays, and gritty thrillers. Find independent films of every kind with new content added monthly and discover your next favorite flick. But the numbers don't stop there. Restocking of anadromous fish, those that spend most of their lives at sea but return to rivers to spawn, is a hands-on Bay restoration project with tremendous potential to rebuild populations which in some cases - such as shad - have been near historic lows in the past decade.

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    Each Bay jurisdiction has efforts under way to restock native species. Those efforts are running concurrently with the Bay Program's efforts to open up more historic fish spawning habitat through construction of fish passages.

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    Fish restoration efforts, such as VDGIF's shad program, are designed to ensure that there are healthy populations of fish available to head upstream and through the new fish passages -- whether they are a notch, an elevator, a pool and weir, or a denil fishway -- each spring to spawn. Fish passage projects are under way in each state. The largest in Virginia is at Bosher's Dam in Richmond, which is scheduled to be completed this fall. Once open, Bosher's will provide access to more than miles of spawning habitat. The collection process has been perfected over the last two years and this year it ran like clockwork. Experience counted as the watermen deftly set gill nets across the Pamunkey River each day to catch some of the shad swarming upstream to spawn. Once caught, the big, silvery shad were brought to VDGIF's egg collection station on shore where they were "stripped" carefully for their eggs and sperm. The "station" consisted of a long table set on the back of a boat trailer, three big blue plastic tubs, and a couple of silver mixing bowls -- the kind chef Julia Childs favors.

    Once the eggs were collected and fertilized, they were bathed with river water and put aside. After only an hour, the eggs had grown to about 10 times their original size and had taken on the appearance of diamonds. Each day, when the egg collection wrapped up, the eggs were packed up in plastic bags, sealed, and driven -- very carefully -- to the King and Queen Fish Cultural Station, where they were hatched and raised by Hatchery Manager Chris Dahlam along with fish culturalists Mike Vest and Ken Webb. When the King and Queen Station reached its capacity for shad eggs and fry, the state turned to Albert Spells and the U.

    The fry did not stay at the hatchery long enough to get comfortable. Exactly seven days after hatching, the fry were trucked back to the river and released. The newly released shad carry a unique tag that is applied at the hatcheries with a solution of tetracycline antibiotics. All of the fish hatcheries in the Bay region use this system to mark the "otoliths" or ear bones of hatchlings.

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