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Greek and Roman Gods + Figures

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Through these pages, find out about the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world, and the works of art people have created to give them expression. Upcoming W2U Events. Join Today - Benefits, No Ads! Special Offers for Teachers. Member Benefits.

Great Mythologies of the World

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The Satyrs & Fauns of Greek & Roman Mythology - (Greek Mythology Explained)

Explore Mythology Myths about Sun Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Sun, reflecting its importance Myths about Earth In cultures around the world, humans have developed stories to help them understand how the Myths about Moon Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Moon, reflecting its prominence Myths about the Solar System Explore mythology associated with the planets of the solar system. Sky, Constellations, and Stars Since long ago, people around the world have associated the heavens, the stars, and the patterns Classical Mythology Compare the Greek and Roman pantheons, and learn which gods and goddesses are equivalent.

World Mythology Explore myths about other cultures from around the world. For such detailed analysis, I would suggest consulting some of the good books available on the subject. Transliterated forms of Greek names are used throughout the biography pages of the site rather than their Latin forms, e. The index and introduction pages, however, use the Latin name-forms for ease of reference.

The Theoi Classical Texts Library contains an extensive collection of classical literature on the theme of Greek mythology, including the works of many of the lesser known poets which are not available online elsewhere. Please note, that these are not the same texts which are quoted on the biography pages of Theoi.

Mythology Names

Summaries of the most important of the Greek gods, as well as classes of divinity can be found on the Pantheon and Greek Gods pages. The fabulous creatures, tribes and monsters of Greek mythology are listed in the Bestiary.

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The entire Family Tree of the Greek pantheon of gods is displayed over eight charts with a central name index.