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Feb 04, Ruth Turner rated it did not like it Shelves: true-crime. An interesting true story about a mother that recruits her children and some of their friends to murder her employer. Unfortunately, it was badly written, often confusing, and boring. The story was more about the law than the crime and its perpetrators. Wasn't worth the time to read it. Nov 03, Eva Leger rated it liked it Recommends it for: Jeannie. Shelves: b-true-crime. I just finished this a few minutes and want to do this while it's still fresh in my mind.

I should also say that this is the first true crime story I've read in a lot of years. This, for a time period of a few years or more, was pretty much the only genre I read, so while I am sort of knowledgable, it's been awhile. One thing that struck me different with this book versus others I've read in the past is the legal spectrum.

Others that I've read, with the exception of Ann Rule's book she could n I just finished this a few minutes and want to do this while it's still fresh in my mind. Others that I've read, with the exception of Ann Rule's book she could never bore me bored me when they got to the legal crap. As much as that is a part of a true crime book, I wanted to to only read what actually happened, who said what, why she did that and who and how it affected, etc.

I didn't want to really learn anything- not anything legal anyway. I did learn a lot reading this- and I wanted to - which was the big thing with me here. I wasn't bored in the least. I never once considered skipping a paragraph or two. Barer includes a lot in the second half of the book the first half is dedicated to the crime and it's participants for the most part about the legality of the situation.

Mom tells daughter's killer: 'I would kill you'

He included statistics and much, much more. The difference was that he did this without boring the people like me. Big plus for a true crime book IMO. The story itself is about a bunch of trash to be honest. One older p.

'I KILLED MOM AND GRANNY': Accused murderer allegedly told pals kill order

This woman was basically equivilant to a piece of garbage you may run over with your car on any given day. I'd rate roadkill as higher up than her. She had three children between the ages of 7 and She had the children not seeing their fathers, living in and out of motels and cars, etc.

One or all I forget of the children met a man one day and they started doing odd jobs for him, taking care if his elderly mother and such for a few bucks a day. Heimann, by all accounts, was the most generous man around. He moved the entire family in, within weeks bought a bigger place for all of them, gave them money for extras like going to the movies and skating, let the egg carrier drive his cars, etc. He basically did everything he could for ger except wipe her ass.

So, one day Opel gets fed up and wants his money. The average car costs more than that these days by the way. So, Opel hatches a plan to murder Heimann. She tries and fails to get numerous people to play her worthless pawns until she finally finds someone. A 17 year-old kid.

She "gives" her 13 year old daughter to the kid to grab him in and it worked.

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  • My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!.
  • Irving mom accused of murdering 8-year-old son claims demons told her to sacrifice him!

I'll leave everyone hanging now because there's no way I can say much more without giving away the ending and I happen to hate marking the spoiler button. View 2 comments. Shelves: true-crime , kindle , non-fiction. What a terrible book!!! It was bad from the start. Constantly jumping around, the story was so weird because of this jumping.

Not only that but he has different people, ones you have not even officially met in the book,ones that killed, tell different stories of the same events. There is no summerization at all and this stays so in the book. One of the worst true crime books I have read! I hope this was one Burl Barer's first books because I know he has written good books too.

So immensely glad I What a terrible book!!! So immensely glad I did not pay for this. Feb 28, Amy rated it really liked it.

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Back on my true crime kick. Windy Sunday ahead with plenty of sunshine in Orlando area Weather. More News Headlines. Woman dies in suspected domestic dispute near Dr. Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women; here's how to get help. Husband accused in deadly shooting of pregnant woman.

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