Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

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Ltd, Condition: New. This book is aimed squarely at business analysts and managers who find it increasingly necessary to become more efficient at working with large datasets traditionally reserved for IT professionals. Readers are introduced to the rich set of tools and reporting capabilities that can be leveraged to more effectively source and incorporate large datasets in their analytics. Not only can these tools allow Excel analysts to save time and simplify their processes, they will also enable them to substantially enhance their data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory BV. Book Description Softcover. Same contents as the US edition with days shipping. Publisher: Wiley , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Not really tech-savvy? Then the Sisense business intelligence tool might be for you.

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This user-friendly tool allows anyone within your organisation to manage large and complex datasets as well as analyse and visualise this data without your IT department getting involved. It lets you bring together data from a wide variety of sources as well including Adwords, Google Analytics and Salesforce. Not to mention, because it uses in-chip technology, data is processed quite quickly compared to other tools.

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It is self-service tool that allows to leverage data and metrics to make informed decisions about their business. You can also easily filter through tons of data with intuitive filtering e. Dundas BI is a flexible, browser-based business intelligence tool that lets users connect to many data sources in real-time. It offers great visualisations in charts, tables and graphs that are customisable and can be viewed from both desktops and mobile devices.

Users can also build their own reports and drill-down and certain performance metrics for analysis.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

Dundas provides support to companies of all different sizes and across various industries. TIBCO Spotfire is a self-service business intelligence tool that offers executive dashboards, data visualisation, analytics and KPI push to mobile devices. This tool is great for collaborating with your digital team as users can define their own KPIs and send alerts to both iPhones and Androids. Systum is a Business Intelligence tool that helps organisations streamline and consolidate processes across multiple B2B and B2C channels so that they can boost productivity as well as efficiency.

Systum also offers a wide range of integration options with — among others — Amazon, eBay, and Quickbooks. Microsoft Power BI is a web-based business analytics tool suite which excels in data visualisation. It allows users to identify trends in real-time and has brand new connectors that allow you to up your game in campaigns. This software also allows users to integrate their apps and deliver reports and real-time dashboards.

Data discovery app, Looker is another BI tool to look out for! This platform integrates with any SQL database or warehouse and is great for startups, midsize-businesses or enterprise-grade businesses.

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Some benefits of this particular tool include ease-of-use, handy visualisations, powerful collaboration features data and reports can be shared via email or USL as well as integrated with other applications , and reliable support tech team. Where are all my Excel fans out there? This BI tool is an intuitive Excel-based software that can be used by employees with even the most basic knowledge of Excel. Tableau is a Business Intelligence software for data discovery and data visualisation. With the software you can easily analyse, visualise and share data, without IT having to intervene. Tableau is free for personal use. However, if you want more, the price can go up quickly. But of course, this will give you something in return: well-designed dashboards that are very easy to use. Additionally Tableau also offers three standalone products: Tableau Desktop for anyone and Tableau Server analytics for organisations , which can be run locally and Tableau Online hosted analytics for organisations.

Oracle BI is an enterprise portfolio of technology and applications for business intelligence. This technology gives users pretty much all BI capabilities, such as dashboards, proactive intelligence, alerts, ad hoc, and more. Oracle is also great for companies who need to analyse large data volumes from Oracle and non-Oracle sources as it is a very robust solution.

Domo is a completely cloud-based business intelligence platform that integrates multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases and social media.

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Domo is used by both small companies and large multinationals. The platform offers micro and macro level visibility and analyses. From cash balances and listings of your best selling products by region to calculations of the marketing return on investment ROI for each channel.

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