Headlines: An Advanced Text for Reading, Speaking and Listening

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Paragraph 1- Big trees are incredibly important ecologically. For a start, they sustain countless other species. They provide shelter for many animals, and their trunks and branches can become gardens, hung with green ferns, orchids and bromeliads, coated with mosses and draped with vines.

With their tall canopies basking in the sun, they capture vast amounts of energy.

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This allows them to sustain much of the animal life in the forest. Paragraph 2- Only a small number of tree species have the genetic capacity to grow really big. The mightiest are native to Norther America, but big trees grow all over the globe, from the tropics to the boreal forests of the high latitudes.

To achieve giant stature, a tree needs three things: the right place to establish its seedling, good growing conditions and lots of time with low adult mortality. Disrupt any of these, and you can lose your biggest trees. If you try to read and understand every word you will get nowhere.

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Students from around the ages of 11 to 16 are learning how to think critically and analyze information with greater depth, and teachers must determine how to effectively assess middle and high school students' learning in a way that acknowledges both their developmental strengths and challenges. According to an article Skip to main content.

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Students at Sterling Intermediate are experiencing impressive growth as a result of using Core5. Because parents have access to the program at home, in a school where incoming As a Priority Improvement school, a critical area of focus for Billie Martinez Elementary School was the improvement of student literacy outcomes. Composing Cinquain Poems with Basic Parts of Speech Reinforce student understanding of parts of speech through the analysis of sample cinquain poems followed by the creation of original cinquains. Creating Classroom Community by Crafting Themed Poetry Collections Students create poetry collections with the theme of "getting to know each other.

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Learning about Clouds with Haikus Using a mobile app or Interactive activity, students write haikus describing various types of clouds that they have studied. Poetry from Prose Working in small groups, students compose found and parallel poems based on a descriptive passage they have chosen from a piece of literature they are reading.

Seasonal Haiku: Writing Poems to Celebrate Any Season In this three-part lesson, students write and illustrate haiku depicting seasonal images. Alliteration in Headline Poems Students are introduced to the term alliteration and asked to create their own examples of alliteration as well as find examples of alliteration in poems.

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Exploring Change through Allegory and Poetry Students explore the theme of change through allegory and poetry by reading an example of literary allegory and creating their own pictorial allegories. Teaching Onomatopoeia Through Sports Poetry Students explore poetry about sports, looking closely at the use of onomatopoeia.

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After viewing a segment of a sporting event, students create their own onomatopoeic sports poems. What Am I?

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Teaching Poetry through Riddles Because they are games, riddles are an excellent vehicle for introducing students to poetry and poetry writing. What is Poetry? Contrasting Poetry and Prose Students often find poetry frustrating and meaningless. By helping students think critically about the differences between poetry and prose, this introduction sets the stage for different strategies for comprehending poetic texts.