Focus On Intellectual Property Rights

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Upcoming US-China trade talk to focus on intellectual property rights

Many Asian and African nations have protested the fact, he said. He suggested that the WIPO and UPOV should only issue such patents when the underdeveloped countries that are being taken advantage by the multinationals give approval.

source url Viet Nam News Society. In the first intellectual property rights law was passed in England, he said.

Shaping the worldwide innovation policy agenda

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  • Upcoming US-China trade talk to focus on intellectual property rights.
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In a world increasingly propelled by technology, university research is the foundation of any nation's economic growth. University take concerted efforts to align its focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance by encouraging interdisciplinary research and institutional collaborative research.

Not a Simple Process

Regular project and research activities of University having innovation potential. So,we are in the process of setting up structured processes to identify, facilitate and develop innovation.

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  4. In corporate organizations, almost always, there is an exclusive unit dedicated to strategizing on issues of IP. The motivation for this, of course, is to secure optimal commercial returns on the IP. However, the scenario is different in academic institutes such as ours.

    What Startups should know about Software Patents in 2017, Steve Bachmann, 20170719