Clavier Concerto No. 5 in F Minor, Movement 1 (Score)

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Include a formal diagram of the movement. Write a focused analytical essay on a specific aspect of the piece three to five pages. You are encouraged to meet with me individually as your work progresses. Each student will present in class work drawn from the paper 10 minutes in a small group discussion. Create a study question to help your classmates become acquainted with your topic due November Make-up day: Monday, Dec 8 a time available for individual or group discussion on your paper topics.

I will be analyzing three different songs from the song cycle, one from each of its three parts. The static URLs for these three songs are:. Notice the chord progressions and key areas that Rorem chooses. Do you think that these choices relate to the formal design of the piece?

In addition, since most of these works are based on poetry, do you think the form of the poetry plays a role in the musical construction of these songs? Gema Lopez. Study question: Listen carefully the piece through the youtube link.

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Pay special attention to the bass line. Which kind of variation is it AND why do you think so? Study Questions: What is the overall form of this piece? What is the role of the Women's Chorus in this movement?

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Study question: How does Mendelssohn use his music to convey characters in this piece? Give one example. Study question: If you just listen to the piece without looking at the score, what do you think the meter is? Jessica Huffer: Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata, all three movements Study Question: What form are each of the movements in? Evan Kelsick: Finale of Bruckner's 4th Symphony How does the finale merit the alternative title of this symphony, "Romantic?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. MIDI (free download) & MIDI/ZIP

Song cycle by Ned Rorem. What form is the first section in? A section 2. What is the form of the piece? Kaylyn Parish: Dvorak's Slavonic Dance op.

Gwendolyn Alfred. Mario Prado: Hummel's Trumpet Concerto, first movement. Study question: What is the form of the first movement and the function of the introduction? Melissa Ramirez. Laura Ruiz: third movement of Dvorak 6th Symphony Study question: If you just listen to the piece without looking at the score, what do you think the meter is? In Christ Alone. Getty, Keith. O Come to the Altar.

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Elevation Worship. The Scientist.

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Wolfe, Lanny. I'll Fly Away. Brumley, Albert E. I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

BWV 1056 - Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor (Scrolling)

Houston, Whitney. Danny Boy. Weatherly, Fred. Just a Closer Walk With Thee. Holy Spirit. Battistelli, Francesca. Rewrite the Stars. The Greatest Showman. Air on the G String. Bach, Johann Sebastian.

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Johann Sebastian Bach. Musicnotes, Inc. Two Part Invention No. View All.

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Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on the 21st March in Eisenach to a family of musicians.

Keyboard concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach

After the early death of both parents Bach lived with his older brother Johann Christoph at his home in Ohrdruf. In Bach received a scholarship in the Michaelis convent school in Luneburg. Indisputable authority on polyphony and counterpoint Johann Sebastian Bach is among those revered composers who are known as The Three Bs together with Beethoven and Brahms and all three in their own right are deeply respected by their German compatriots.

Having left a prolific oeuvre Bach managed to contribute into virtually every musical genre existing at the time he composed. The only one left out by him on purpose or otherwise is the genre of opera. Interestingly, this is in full measure true with Brahms and Beethoven in his turn composed only one. The man of genius not surpassed till today Bach owing to the fact that his music possessed the degree of subtlety and fineness unmatched had to practically create a new genre — that of invention, simplified fugue, to make performing of his organ pieces step by step an easier job for his disciples. In fact, his works are so tremendously various that every musician despite his level of mastery can find something suitable in the legacy of the great composer. Our site suggests downloading some sheet music of Bach for free while the total number of his sheet music accounts for