Clan of the Goddess: Celtic Wisdom and Ritual for Women

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The individual will cultivate understanding through listening; knowledge through experiencing and wisdom through understanding. The individual may not agree with but can be asked to respect the beliefs of others. If, however, they perceive that these beliefs are such that they seek to destroy community the individual can challenge with knowledge, compassion and understanding. There is no dogmatic belief structure and no set scripture for members of the Clan, however there are the following ideas upon which a metaphysical framework exists.

All of existence is part of a subtle web which some call energy, some call vibration, some call God. The manifestations and qualities of the mythical Gods and Goddesses are how we, as human animals, seek to understand the non-understandable. The essence, energy or vibration of the web can be shaped by intent and focus.

No member of the Clan should practice magic which is either beyond their capability or comes from a place which they cannot fully take responsibility for; remembering of course that magic can be of the mind; of the body and of the spirit. Family — those who have not formally undertaken any training with an organisation who, nevertheless, wish to attend Clan meetings and events. Self-discovery comes through exploring personal relationship between ourselves, each other the land and the cosmos.

Clan of the Goddess : Celtic wisdom and ritual for women

Creativity, Ritual, Storytelling and Self Expression are linked to a study of the Celtic peoples, what we know of their culture and values and what myth has suggested. We explore altered states and grasp what may be meant by The Awen.

The key themes are healing, divination and service. The Bard knows and connects and the Ovate develops intuition to become wise. Shamanic based counselling and therapy will be developed within this grade and decisions on how best the Bard, the Ovate and the Druid can serve the land and their communities will be explored. The Clan, The Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick nor anyone associated with these groups do not claim that they are the keepers of a long lost tradition.

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They assert that they are attempting to recreate a spiritual tradition which has a relevance to the here and now. It is about finding ways to Be which are balanced and balancing; relevant and reverent ; creative and inspiring — this is the spiritual quest. The reason for such alliances is the belief that community is about collaboration and learning comes from sharing the wisdom of others.

So whilst as Clan we may not fully agree with some of the practices endorsed by these groups we can, and need to accept not adopt their values in these regards. Condition: New. Language: English.

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg: Mysteries of the Celtic Goddesses

Brand new Book. Combining the enchantment of ancient magick with the playfulness of the Celtic spirit, Clan of the Goddess invites women to reclaim their feminine side and reconnect with the divine. Seller Inventory ADB More information about this seller Contact this seller.

Female Druids, the Forgotten Priestesses of the Celts | Ancient Origins

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